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  1. Pregnancy Loss

    I thought many here would be interested in this. While tweeting various updates about the Edinburgh Fringe I became aware of a play about Pregnancy Loss called ' Killer Cells' When I read the summary I suspected it may be about APS so I tweeted them and had a very good discussion. The Company is called Avant Productions with 3 Crate Productions. The story is an optimistic one but follows the fate of 5 recurrent miscarriage ladies. This is their first time at Edinburgh and they are hoping to tour it next year. I hope they are able to do so. I will be keeping in touch so will let you all know any future dates.
  2. Been asked to share something in writing for World Lupus Day...sadly I am feeling not too good so I am afraid it won't be a cosy read. I will be mentioning this place in positive tones though. Will post for you all to read. xx

    1. Abiola


      You get to see it here first....only right as you are my friends and supporters. Of course on another day the symptoms and emotions may have been totally different and lack of space means I had to opt for more brevity than I would like. So this is my Lupus today.....please feel free to comment....Whilst I respect the fact that your symptoms and feelings may be totally different. I hope you like or at least feel I have done a reasonable job. Will post it below shortly as my arm needs a rest. xc



  3. Hi Dawn

    Where are you! You might ask me the same of course. You're on FB? I am, called Hermione Golightly

    Clare XXXX

  4. Family

    Myself (Dawn) and family.
  5. Cats...mine and the Foster Ones.

    Nigel...rescued from jaws of Bull Terrier. Very narrow squeak. Nursed by me...adopted by Immi