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A week Into the Diet



I have been struggling to cut out my evening snack. I’ve tried to occupy my hands, this hasn’t been successful. Now I’m trying shear will power telling myself I don’t need to snack in the evening. This has only helped for 3 nights last week, this is a start.

My main meal of the day is now served on a smaller plate and this has been mostly successful. Due to my endless feeling of being exhausted I sleep a lot during the day this means I really don’t need a large main meal. I think I have never really considered that I don’t need to eat large meals as I’m not very active.

Eating low fat margarine, wholemeal bread and semi skimmed milk hasn’t been difficult at all.

Tomorrow I’m going to ladies day at Aintree with my daughters, I think the diet will be broken.

As far as I’m aware I haven’t loss any weight at all and I will not be weighing myself till the end of next, as my weight goes up and down rapidly and I don't want to be dissappointed if I have put weight on .

Any advice will be very welcome.


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