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  1. My diet is very up and down, I have managed to keep the sugar contents down and to have smaller portions, doing this I have managed to lose a 1lb in weight.It's a start. I may have loss more if I hadn't hit a bad week where I have done nothing but sleep. I've also been out for a pub meal with a friend and I didn't have a pudding. I went to see Lord Of The Dance with my daughters and we had a great time but the diet was put on hold for that night. Cutting down the sugar in my diet has stopped the none stop thirst which has made me feel a bit better. This is a very good sign. I hope th
  2. I have been struggling to cut out my evening snack. I’ve tried to occupy my hands, this hasn’t been successful. Now I’m trying shear will power telling myself I don’t need to snack in the evening. This has only helped for 3 nights last week, this is a start. My main meal of the day is now served on a smaller plate and this has been mostly successful. Due to my endless feeling of being exhausted I sleep a lot during the day this means I really don’t need a large main meal. I think I have never really considered that I don’t need to eat large meals as I’m not very active. Eating lo
  3. Well today I haven't been very successful, I hadn’t realised how much food I eat for one reason or another.in the day. A friend came round this morning and we had a biscuit with our cup of tea. Lunchtime I had a cheese sandwich, then Laura offered me a sweet and I should have said no, but I didn’t. It looks like when I do our next food shop there will have to be some changes. Butter, milk and bread will be the first to be changed. I have decided to try a different strategy to begin losing weight, that will be to stop the evening snack, this is the time of day when I am at my low
  4. Hi, I know I have a big problem with processed foods and I try to avoid them as much as possible. They make me feel very unwell and blow up like a balloon. One of the worst for me is bread. This can be difficult and can create a cycle of eating that is hard to break, as you get to tired and ill to cook properly then you result in using processed food. This makes you feel worse. When I do feel well I try to make a lot of meals to put in the freezer to help prevent me from having to eat processed food. Lizzy
  5. Thanks Ros, I have Plantar Fascaitis, doc has given me a months worth of pain killlers with a stomach liner. Along with physio with my daughter hopefully this will work. Lizzy
  6. Hi Ros, Like you I was not diagnosed with SLE when I had my children, I also had a big flare after the birth of my children. This was left untreated and eventually calmed down. I had problems with my eggs they didn't mature properly and I had to have ultrasound to track the eggs. I took tablets to help. I have a theory about my pragnancys, all my children are born in sept x1 and Oct x3, I beleive this is when I felt my best health wise to conceive (Dec/Jan) I noticed that this is when I have no active allergies. going to ring the doc this morning to sort out the pain in my fee
  7. Hi Ros, Thanks it brought back some memories I had artifical insemination for Alison and Vicky. I hope you are well. Lizzy
  8. I wish I had known that I had Lupus when I was expecting my children, as I had some very bazaar symptoms. But what I do know is, that when I was pregnant that was when I felt my best. Head not functioning well at the moment. Hope it makes sense.
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