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LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS): the LuPUS Message Board

Public and Private Forums and Members' Privacy and Confidentiality

Every effort is made to protect your privacy and confidentiality and to make the LuPUS MB as secure as humanly possible. However, no system can absolutely guarantee security. All registrations are manually validated by myself and I am the only person who has access to the Membership List. Any registration form that is incomplete, will not be validated and there have been attempts to spam or maliciously try to damage the LuPUS MB, which is why we have decided to purchase the Invision Power Board, which is continually updated and monitored for any security vulnerabilities.

For your protection, Members are strongly urged:

(i) to adopt "usernames" to protect their identity;

(11) to log in and log out of every session;

(iii) not to give out any personal information such as address or telephone number, unless you are certain of the identity of the other person.

(iv) to observe the Guidelines of the LuPUS MB.

When you first visit the LuPUS MB, you will see only the Public forums:


What is the LuPUS Message Board?

User Problems

Expert Patient Programme


Medical News 2003

Medical News 2004

Medical News 2005

Medical News 2006

Medical News 2007

Lupus Awareness

Lupus Tips

LuPUS Message Board

Guest & Test Messages

These forums allow all members and guests/visitors to read the messages, posts and articles. Posting, however, is restricted to only registered Members. This is to prevent spam as we have had individuals who have used our services to sell their commercial wares. The LuPUS MB does not endorse any product and Members need to be mindful of claims to "cure" lupus. This is separate from Members who have found a product that has helped them and who are at liberty to state the product as they do not have commercial connection and are describing their own experience. If in any doubt, always contact me for advice.

The Private Forums

These forums are only visible when logged in as a registered member. They cannot be read by non-Members and posting is confined to Members. In addition, there are also password protected forums, whereby only those Members who belong to these small groups are able to access them. These small groups (6-8 mebers) are set up to regularly meet to talk about sensitive issues. They are not therapy groups as such, but operate on the same principle. Please contact me if you are interested.

It is the responsibility of each member to determine where they wish to post a topic. Please ensure that if you are writing sensitive information, this ought to be only in the private forum. Sometimes, however, we can make a mistake and should that occur, please contact me and I will move the topic to a private forum.

Be well!


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