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What is the LuPUS MB Guidelines?

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Guidelines: Contact with LuPUS MB Members

A primary aim of the LuPUS MB is that it must be a safe place for all members so we can can come here and talk, without fear of being criticised, judged, rejected or abandoned. Feeling understood is central to the aims of the LuPUS MB as well as respect for the individual and their privacy and confidentiality.

The Administrator and the Moderators regularly liaise with the owners of other lupus message boards, forums and mail lists from other countries and the UK regarding abusive or intrusive behaviour. This includes the following:

1. Unwelcome and/or inappropriate contact, be it by "snail" mail (through the postal service), E-mail, private messaging on the LuPUS MB or internet, telephone, or uninvited personal visits.

2. Any flaming (abusive or disrespectful posts) to any member of the LuPUS MB, including the Moderators or Admin.

3. Any sending of spam, that is, the sending of messages in order to sell or promote wares in which the sender has a vested interest.

For your own protection, please do not give out any personal details about yourselves, including email addresses, telephone numbers, private addresses.

While the LuPUS MB Admin and Moderators are not responsible for what may occur outside of the LuPUS MB, we request that what is discussed on the LuPUS MB is kept within the LuPUS MB. This is to protect and respect individual members' privacy and confidentiality. Some members may be very sensitive about the issue of confidentiality. It is the fundamental aim of the LuPUS MB to ensure that the LuPUS MB can be experienced as a safe place. We are certain that members may not intend to cause concern, but please be mindful that we can feel even more vulnerable when we are ill and that the LuPUS MB is unique in that it can be a place where it feels safe to talk about those difficult and painful issues which may be difficult to, or cannot be expressed elsewhere.

Any member of the LuPUS MB who feels they are being inappropriately contacted should report the matter to the Admin or Moderators. All such matters will be treated respectfully and confidentially.

The Admin and Moderators of the LuPUS MB take seriously individual members' privacy and confidentiality. Any breach will result in a warning and in necessary cases, will result in being banned from membership of the LuPUS MB.

Be well!


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