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What is the LuPUS MB?: Guidelines

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The Role of the Moderator

The Role and Responsibilities of the Moderators

1. The Moderators are appointed to "moderate", that is, to ensure that

members keep within the Guidelines of the LuPUS Message Board. The Moderators

are to help with the day to day running of the LuPUS Message Board, part of

LUpus Patients Understanding & Support.

2. The Moderators work on a voluntary basis and may not be available 24/7.

The Moderators moderate the LuPUS MB according to their individual

circumstances and commitments, which include health, family and work. Members

are requested to keep this in mind if needing to contact one of the


3. The Moderators are to welcome new members and to help members where

necessary, by explaining the Guidelines. These Guidelines have been written

to ensure the smooth running of the LuPUS MB and to safeguard the individual

member, as far as is humanly possible.

4. The Moderators may answer questions about the LuPUS MB and where

necessary, refer to the Admin.

5. Moderators are requested to watch for any posts containing spam, that is,

the selling or promotion of something in which the member has a vested

interest and to delete that post.

6. Moderators are requested to watch for any posts containing personal

websites or other links and to remove the URLs.

7. Moderators are requested to watch for any posts containing offensive or

libellous posts and to delete them. This will involve individual discretion

on the part of the Moderators.

8. The Moderators will inform any member whose post has been amended or

deleted, giving an explanation. The member has the right to reply by email to

the Moderators and/or the Admin.

9. Moderators are requested to refer any post for discussion between all the

Moderators and Admin with respect to any concern regarding a posted message.

10. Individual members are allowed to "Report" any post they feel concerned

about. Unless there is a clear breach of Guidelines, any post must be

referred to all the Moderators and Admin for review and discussion.

11. The Moderators will be involved, within acceptable limits, in the

consultation and discussion with respect to the LuPUS MB, its day to day

running and its aims and policy ie The Guidelines. Ultimately, the Admin has

overall responsibility (see #12 of The Role and Responsibility of the Admin).

12. Moderators may volunteer for additional responsibility according to their

interest and expertise, such as management of the finances for the running of

the LuPUS MB; the Admin has responsibility for dealing with any distressed


13. All matters relating to the LuPUS MB and its members will be treated with

the utmost confidentiality, respecting the privacy of the members.

14. Where appropriate and necessary, the Moderators will inform individual

members of any developments in the running of the LuPUS MB.

15. Where possible, a Mod or Admin will notify the Mods if they are unable to

moderate eg hospital, holidays, work, family commitments. Reasons for not

being able to moderate do not have to be disclosed.

16. Mods must be mindful that their behaviour and actions may be seen by

others in the light of being associated with the LuPUS MB and therefore,

LUpus Patients Understanding & Support.

17. According to the above, the Moderators responsibilties "to moderate" the

LuPUS MB, that is, to help with its day to day running. The Moderators are

not responsible for the emotional/psychological needs of the members of the

LuPUS MB. The Moderators may refer any emails or contact to the Admin who has

this responsibility. Moderators use their own discretion as to what extent

they involve themselves. This is up to the individual Moderator but is

outside their responsibilities and role. (See also #2 The Role and

Responsibilities of the Admin).

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