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Upgrade to 3.4.5 & Your Help Needed!


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The LuPUS Message Board has been upgraded to version 3.4.5 and the IP Gallery to version 5.05.

In the next month, I will have to pay for webhosting and renewal of domain name which comes to approximately $220, which is about £144.00 depending on the exchange rate.

I realise that most of us are hard pressed for cash but if you can spare a few pounds or dollars, I will be grateful.

I am not very good at funding and so if anyone has an idea how to raise some funds, that would be brilliant.

To those who have donated already, many, many thanks and I hope you will continue to find the LuPUS MB useful to you.

Finally, I do not know who has donated or the amount as I do not have anything to do with money. Jane is responsible for the monies and can only sign cheques with another person, which is not me. What I do is to present the Bill which I have paid and hope there is some money in the bank!

Here is the link: If you right click, a new tab will open which means you will still have a tab open at the LuPUS Message Board.


This will take you to a PayPal account, arranged by Jane, where you can donate a few pounds.

Thank you in advance.

Be well!


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