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What is the LuPUS MB: Guidelines

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The Role and Responsibilities of the Admin

The Role and Responsibilities of the Admin

1. The role and responsibilities of the Admin includes those coming within

the remit of the Moderators.

2, The responsibility of the Admin is to provide support for the Moderators

and to ensure their roles/responsibilities are well defined so that it is

clear that their remit is to assist in the day to day running of the LuPUS

Message Board only. The Moderators responsibilties do not extend to dealing

with the psychological needs of members of the LuPUS MB. Involvement is up to

each Moderator but is outside their responsibility as a Moderator.

3. The Admin can be contacted 24/7 and will attempt to respond within 24

hours. This means that the Admin is unable to offer an emergency or crisis


4. The Admin will make clear that the service provided is not one which deals

with emergency states since this is outside the remit of the Admin. In these

cases, the individual will be advised to contact the Samaritans, for example,

or their GP. Any member with suicidal thoughts will also be advised to

contact the same emergency services.

5. The Admin has the responsibility to deal with the psychological/emotional

needs of any member as a consequence of her training, academic and

professional qualifications.

6. The Admin's responsibility is to understand, to show compassion, sympathy

and empathy to all. This includes adopting a position of "neutrality", which

means the Admin will not judge and where the Admin's beliefs and perspectives

are suspended, as far as humanly possible, in favour of a respectful and

ethical stance towards the other person.

7. The Admin is not responsible for giving any medical advice as this is the

responsibility of the individual's physician.

8. The Admin is not responsible for giving "advice". All decisions and

choices rightly belong to the individual member.

9. Owing to the confidential nature of this work, all information is treated

according to the ethical guidelines as stated by the BACP and the UKCP. The

Admin will not disclose information to a third party, including the

Moderators, without the express permission of the individual.

10. Members of the LuPUS MB should feel able to contact the Admin by email at

any time with any concerns, whether of a personal nature or in relation to

the LuPUS MB. All members are encouraged to submit their views and recommend

or make suggestions where appropriate. All such submissions will be treated

respectfully and forwarded for discussion with the Moderators.

11. Moderators are selected by the present team of Moderators and the Admin

and is on a voluntary basis without financial remuneration or reward.

Moderators will perform their responsibilities according to their individual

circumstances, which includes health, family and work. If necessary,

Moderators can take time off or reduce their commitment according to their

individual needs and without censure.

12. All decisions relating to the day to day running of the LuPUS MB and its

management will be discussed with the Moderators. Ideally, all decisions

should be based on an unanimous agreement with all Moderators. In those cases

where this is not possible, a majority decision will be deemed acceptable.

Ultimately, the Admin will have overall responsibility.

13. The LuPUS Message Board is a part of LUpus Patients Understanding &

Support. LUpus Patients Understanding & Support is a non-profit organisation

dedicated for those affected by lupus, lupus-variant and other autoimmune

conditions, such as Hughes' (the antiphospholipid) Syndrome.

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