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What is the LuPUS MB? Guidelines

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The Lupus Message Board Fund (LMB Fund)

The LuPUS MB Fund (LMB Fund)

1. LUpus Patients Understanding & Support is a non-profit organisation for

those affected by lupus.

2. LUpus Patients Understanding & Support is the umbrella organisation for

two websites: http://www.lupus-support.org.uk which concentrates of the

provision of free information for patients, carers and health professionals;

and http://www.lupus-forums.org.uk as the home of the LuPUS MB.

3. The Admin and Mods do not receive any financial remuneration and give

their time on a voluntary basis.

4. LUpus Patients Understanding & Support and the LuPUS MB will never be a

paid for or subscription based service.

5. The LuPUS MB Fund (LMB Fund) has been set up in order to help meet the

considerable running costs in maintaining the 2 websites in terms of webspace

and data transfer, the latter refers to the amount of "bandwidth" used when

visitors access the two sites.

6. The LuPUS MB Fund was the idea of Dave Brush, one of the first Moderators

of the LuPUS MB. Currently, Jane is responsible for the LMB Fund.

7. Any member who wishes to make a donation, no matter how small, should

contact the Moderator in charge of the LMB Fund.

8. Any donation given will go towards the running costs of the LuPUS MB. No

one single Moderator is able to withdraw any monies. The LuPUS MB Fund

accounts will be available for inspection by any Member upon request. The

LuPUS MB Fund will publish the accounts annually.

9. The Admin will not be involved in the LMB Fund and will not be informed

about who donates to the LMB Fund. This is in order to ensure that donation

to the LuPUS MB and a Member's privileges are kept separate. By so doing,

this reduces the possibility of any unintentional bias either towards those

who are able to donate or those who do not donate monies to the LMB Fund.

10. Donating to the LMB Fund is separate from being a Member of the LuPUS MB.

What this means is that all Members have equal access to understanding and

support and have the same privileges. No distinction will be made between

those who donate and those who do not donate. The reason that these donations

are voluntary is based on the view that many families may be affected

financially as a result of a member who has lupus and that free information

and free support is the right of all.

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