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Pregnancy Loss


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I thought many here would be interested in this.

While tweeting various updates about the Edinburgh Fringe I became aware of a play about Pregnancy Loss called ' Killer Cells' When I read the summary I suspected it may be about APS so I tweeted them and had a very good discussion. The Company is called Avant Productions with 3 Crate Productions. The story is an optimistic one but follows the fate of 5 recurrent miscarriage ladies.  This is their first time at Edinburgh and they are hoping to tour it next year.   I hope they are able to do so.  I will be keeping in touch so will let you all know any future dates. 

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Thank you for this interesting news.

Recently, a friend of mine's daughter had suffered multiple pregnancy losses despite having given birth to two children. Eventually, I persuaded her to see a specialist with respect to Hughes (APS) Syndrome. After placing her on baby aspirin, plus low molecular weight heparin injections, she carried to term and gave birth to a healthy child.

There is a high rate of pregnancy losses due to APS and yet, this condition is easily dealt with through blood thinner, such as baby aspirin, warfarin or LMW heparin during pregnancy.

Additionally, this condition causes numerous problems such as headaches, seizures, blood clots, thrombosis, MS-like symptoms and current research is also looking at other aspects of this very treatable condition.

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