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Lupus: 3 Things to Know

Dec 3, 2018
  • Lupus%20Dec%20Slide1.jpeg?itok=5WmNMufk
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  • Lupus%20Dec%20Slide7.jpeg?itok=s0ueDQTN
  • Lupus%20Dec%20Slide1.jpeg?itok=c-9hJwsS
  • Lupus%20Dec%20Slide2.jpeg?itok=jGgbvaTp
  • Lupus%20Dec%20Slide3.jpeg?itok=ONofAzKg
  • Lupus%20Dec%20Slide4.jpeg?itok=9QqzSLWv
  • Lupus%20Dec%20Slide5.jpeg?itok=MTn2kZJu
  • Lupus%20Dec%20Slide6.jpeg?itok=yleHzITk
  • Lupus%20Dec%20Slide7.jpeg?itok=E7FkbhdY


Three new studies in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) reveal that a gut bacterium may be linked to autoimmune diseases, including SLE; pregnancy complications in women with lupus have decreased over the past 2 decades; and physical or emotional abuse in childhood raises the risk of lupus.1-3Scroll through the slides for the latest findings and their clinical implications.



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