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What is the Lupus Message Board?

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Welcome to the LUpus Message Board!

The LuPUS Message Board is part of LUpus Patients Understanding & Support, a non-profit organisation established in 1998 with the support of Dr Graham Hughes, head of the Lupus Unit at St Thomas' Hospital, London and formerly known as the St Thomas' Lupus Trust.

LUpus Patients Understanding & Support has two main aims:

1. To freely provide information for those affected by lupus, lupus variant conditions and Hughes' (the antiphospholipid) Syndrome. We also believe in providing information for carers and health professionals. Information can be found at

LUpus Patients Understanding & Support.

2. To freely provide psychological support to those affected by lupus at the LuPUS Message Board.

3. To promote the work of Dr Graham Hughes and his team of clinicians at the Louise Coote Lupus Clinic, London and other centres of excellence in the UK.

Apart from myself, there are six Moderators who help run this service. We are all volunteers and do not receive payment or financial remuneration of any kind.

We strongly believe that the LuPUS Message Board should not be a subscription service but should remain free to all to use. However, running this service does cost money in terms of web space and band width and some of our members have asked if they could donate to help with the upkeep of the LuPUS MB.

I wish to make clear that donations to the LuPUS Message Board is voluntary and that I have no personal knowledge or connection with the LUpus Message Board fund which is run by the Moderators. This is to ensure confidentiality as well as there is no bias towards those who may wish to raise funds and donate part of this to the LUpus Message Board. It also means that no member should feel obliged in any way to donate here.

Thank you for reading this welcome and I hope you find here the understanding and support you need and deserve.

Be well!


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