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What is the LuPUS Message Board?

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Guidelines for the LuPUS MB

The following Guidelines are written with you in mind. Every effort is made to protect your privacy and confidentiality by ensuring that only registered members have access to the private forums.

We believe that the LuPUS MB must be a safe place for you to be able to put into words your thoughts and feelings. By safe this means not being judged, criticised or rejected.

However, as in all societies or communities, there is a need to follow certain guidelines to ensure we can tolerate any differences between us.

1. If you have any difficulties in using the LuPUS MB, please read the Help files. Explore the features for yourself by clicking on My Controls or My Assistant. If you still have a problem, please contact either myself or one of the Moderators for advice.

2. No flames! Please be respectful in your posts. Members may have different views and beliefs and come from different cultures. It is important you can express your thoughts and feelings, but please do so appropriately.

3. No spam! Please do not attempt to advertise any product you have a vested interest in promoting. This does not apply to any product you have bought that has been helpful to you and which you wish to share with others.

4. Please do not promote personal websites or websites which claim to give medical advice without contacting the Moderators for advice.

Thank you for taking the time to read these Guidelines.

Be well!


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