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The Private Message (PM) System

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The PM system is a courtesy service to our members.

It should only be used to contact me or the Moderators to report any difficulties, concerns or need to talk to one of us.

The other use is to give personal information to another member. This would include an email address, telephone mumber, address. This must be given with great caution and while I do not doubt the genuiness of our members, it is possible for someone to disguise themselves in order to find out information for unscrupulous or illegal purposes. The LuPUS MB cannot be held responsible for any personal information disclosed to another member.

The PM system is NOT a chat or MSN type service and should not be used in that way. This is for two reasons. First, it uses bandwidth and since we offer a free service, we have to be careful about funding to ensure this web site continues. Second, many of us have felt isolated and therefore being able to talk in a family, group or community where we can share our similarities and differences, is potentially helpful and therapeutic.

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